I swear even though it was to cold for us foreigners the thought of that moment won’t mesmerize. #England #StJamesPark #BuckinghamPalace #green #brown #cold #oldtrees #nosun #lovelyview #awalkinlondon  (at St James’s Park)

I swear even though it was to cold for us foreigners the thought of that moment won’t mesmerize. #England #StJamesPark #BuckinghamPalace #green #brown #cold #oldtrees #nosun #lovelyview #awalkinlondon (at St James’s Park)

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Me and my crazy thoughts

Our day to day life

Well most of us work 5 to 7 days a week alright. we go to work spend from 5 to 16 hours every day doing whatever it is you do and it gets to a point when you are frustrated and just don’t feel happy anymore and to tell you the truth that’s mentally and fiscally hard on you. Whenever I feel defeated I ask myself 3 questions; why am I doing this? who am I doing this for? what do I gain from doing this?the answer is For Me! It may seem selfish but I think that’s the positive way to get on your feet and keep going.

When your days off are near, you get so happy and keep daydreaming of what are you going to do. But the reality is that when you open your eyes the first thought in your mind is what day is it and am I late for work? as soon as you comprehend you are “free” then your thoughts change. So whats the only thing you wanna do? I wanna be in bed all day! But nooo you can’t, you have to do all the pile stuff you couldn’t do and now your smile is gone . so again we are consumed by all the things we have to do and we don’t take the time for ourselves and the really important things that make us happy.
taking care of us is very important so take the time and be happy.

My way of looking at life these days

Since very little we dream of what we are going to be in the future and the most common answers are that we want to be rock stars, or a firefighter, a teacher or be some kind of sport superstar and is totally acceptable for us to dream those kind of things because we are young and innocent. But when you get older people start to put weight on your shoulders about what you should do instead of what you want to do.
Here come the standards of what you should accomplish at certain age and what you have to posses to be a “normal adult” this is what I call the social stress and its meanly just people who have had the sad encounter with the fun sucker monster that is society. I ask you one thing whats the rush of having “everything” and by that I mean be a college graduate, have a “great job” and be married with children all that in your 20’s when all you should do is have some kind of job that can give you enough money to go out and have fun. What’s the rush, who planted the flag of rules that said here’s what you have to accomplish in your life by 24!
Every person has his motives to succeed in this world and everybody has a chance to do it but just a few really try it, people have their own ways of putting obstacles in their paths but the real word for this is that they are scared and that a symptom I call The first day of school. That feeling in your body that says you can’t do it, what if they don’t like me, what if I’m not smart enough. well my friend that’s the little feeling you just have to shush and give some wine for it to slumber while you start your journey.
No matter what you want to accomplish in life you should always be considered of others and treat them with respect as if you would like to be treated. I’m not saying that you let others walk all over you but be positive that this will take you another step closer to what you want. You have to keep trying no matter how hard life throws those rocks at your face, keep your head up with positive thought cause that’s the key to success. you will see how great it feels every time you get a bit closer to your finish line. Cause if life is a race then you should take your sweet time preparing for what comes after you reach your goal.





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Cowabunga #ninjaturtles #surfers #indian #greeting #tvshow #retro #videogames #michelangelo #mikey #mask #orange #nunchaku #ninjutsu #martialarts #mutant #skateboarder #pizza

Cowabunga #ninjaturtles #surfers #indian #greeting #tvshow #retro #videogames #michelangelo #mikey #mask #orange #nunchaku #ninjutsu #martialarts #mutant #skateboarder #pizza

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perri pickles + imperfections: merry manifesting!!


happy holidays, friends!

its that time of year again. that magical time. the time when everything seems okay. nothing may really be okay in your family, your heart, or in the world right now, but at christmas, chanukah, and new years, there seems to be a sense of relief, even for an instant. an…

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what would be of us without those guitar strings that takes you to another place, without that voice that leaves you with an open mouth, without that drum beat that makes your foot tap and without that violin that can make you tear up. i think music is just a reflection of pure emotion. thats why i love music so much

All You Need #love #want #music #TheBeatles #sign #free #spirit #soul #spell

All You Need #love #want #music #TheBeatles #sign #free #spirit #soul #spell

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